The best of both worlds in one exciting, motivating
& satisfying training session.

Yogirya® is the perfect balance between intensity and relaxation! You will experience the best of both worlds in a session of only 45 minutes. Join the movement!

YOGIRYA® instructor trainings



ZONDAG, 8 MAART, 2020 - 11u00 - 18u00

Body Boutique – Armand Maclotlaan 3

3600 Genk, Limburg (België)

Language: Dutch
Price: € 247 + BTW (21%)



ZONDAG, 24 MEI, 2020 - 10-17u

Antwerpen (België)
Language: Dutch

Price: € 247 + BTW (21%)
Early Bird discount: € 189 + BTW (Until 2020-04-20)



ZONDAG, 7 JUNI, 2020 - 11u00 - 18u00

LaVita Lifestyleclub
Sportlaan 7
3905 AD Veenendaal (Nederland)

Language: Nederlands
Price: € 247 + BTW (21%)
Early Bird discount: € 189 + BTW (Until 2020-05-01)


Instructor + Kettlebell

SUNDAY, MARCH 8TH, 2020 - 10-17u | SUNDAY, APRIL 5TH, 2020 - 12-17u

Body Boutique – Armand Maclotlaan 3

3600 Genk, Limburg (België)

Language: Dutch
Price: € 375 + BTW (21%)

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To me, Yogirya® means clearing my head after a busy day . We start with a calm warm-up and then we give our all during the tabata's! It's such a good feeling to push it to the limit. The cooldown and relaxation are a nice ending of the work-out. I'm always going home feeling reborn! I love it. Because of the confidence I got from the classes, I now have the courage to pursue my dreams. Yogirya®, you rock!
Sanne Beckers
I once started taking Yogirya® classes myself with Niki as my teacher. The variety of the warm-up and cooldown based on yoga exercises, and an intense part filled with tabata's to give your all... I loved it immediately! You improve your agility, cardio and strength. On top of that, you also burn fat! That all in just one class. I'm a Yogirya® teacher now and I'm so proud of it! It makes me happy to see that my students are making progress class after class! I just want to warn you for one thing: it's addictive!
Els Deckers
I try to take weekly Yogirya® classes. 
I absolutely love it because it's so much fun! It starts with an easy warm-up, an intense work-out and then it's time for a cooldown! All that in only 45 minutes. Yogirya® gives me the opportunity to have an effective training while having a busy life. My stamina got better and my muscles got stronger! I'm looking forward to the next class!
Elfi Bollen

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